Week 14, 2041

played in Tulsa, OK

28 degrees, fair, 2 mph wind

West Virginia Beasts731170-28
Tulsa Tequila Worms1414003-31

Scoring Summary
1Q: 12:59 TUL - Pedro Winters 20 pass from Glen Buss (Jesse Richard extra point)
1Q: 07:01 WVA - Clyde Newhart 2 run (Cole Coombs extra point)
1Q: 03:08 TUL - Corbin Chaplin 1 pass from Glen Buss (Jesse Richard extra point)
2Q: 11:56 WVA - Cole Coombs 26 field goal
2Q: 06:33 TUL - Cary Wedebrand 1 run (Jesse Richard extra point)
2Q: 05:29 TUL - Lawrence Woodford 59 interception return (Jesse Richard extra point)
3Q: 09:26 WVA - Donte Hutton 7 pass from Quentin Churchill (Quentin Churchill pass to Donte Hutton for conversion)
3Q: 04:01 WVA - Cole Coombs 30 field goal
4Q: 07:44 WVA - Cornelius Basham 23 pass from Quentin Churchill (Cole Coombs extra point)
OT: 01:38 TUL - Jesse Richard 22 field goal

Team StatisticsWVATUL
First Downs2826
- by Rushing104
- by Passing1622
- by Penalty20
Total Net Yards396431
- Offensive Plays8167
- Yards per Play4.896.43
Net Rushing Yards14275
- Rushing Attempts3222
- Yards per Rush4.443.41
Net Passing Yards254356
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt48 - 30 - 242 - 28 - 1
- Gross Passing Yards256380
- Sacks/Yards Lost1/23/24
- Yards per Pass Play5.187.91
3rd Down Conversions6/154/11
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down6.910.4
4th Down Conversions0/00/0
Punt Returns/Yards2/112/9
Kick Returns/Yards3/582/54
Interception Ret./Yards1/132/63
2pt Conversions1/10/0
Red Zone Visits44
- Red Zone TDs/FGs2/22/1
Avg. Drive StartOWN 34OWN 23
Time of Possession38:4929:40

Drive Charts

West Virginia Beasts
112:495:58OWN 251475Touchdown
12:571:46OWN 2530Punt
11:114:21OPP 28819Field Goal
26:251:09OWN 38211Interception
25:162:27OWN 32512Interception
20:320:32OWN 19210Half
315:005:43OWN 251175Touchdown
38:192:35OWN 16520Punt
35:351:39OPP 2037Field Goal
32:422:10OWN 27417Punt
412:074:37OWN 32868Touchdown
47:201:59OPP 48414Punt
43:581:26OWN 27524Punt
40:090:09OWN 6118Half
OT110:001:11OWN 363-6Punt
OT15:281:38OWN 834Punt
Tulsa Tequila Worms
115:002:11OWN 25675Touchdown
16:513:54OWN 43657Touchdown
211:505:25OWN 39961Touchdown
22:492:17OWN 34847Fumble
39:170:58OWN 2530Punt
35:440:09OWN 2110Interception
33:561:14OWN 255-1Punt
30:323:25OWN 7617Punt
47:300:10OWN 25123Fumble
45:211:23OWN 536Punt
42:322:23OWN 10739Punt
OT18:493:21OWN 28616Punt
OT13:502:19OWN 44751Field Goal

Game MVP: Glen Buss, Tulsa Tequila Worms

Rushing Statistics

West VirginiaAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Jose Dussault12363.001310
Clyde Newhart10646.401721
Quentin Churchill8364.501010
Ricky Moss263.00500
Cary Wedebrand14292.072011
Harry Myers5255.001510
Glen Buss3217.00900

Passing Statistics

West VirginiaAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Quentin Churchill48302561/2223272.9
Glen Buss42283803/242321101.3

Receiving Statistics

West VirginiaCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
TE Donte Hutton1218917.5833161
WR Ricky Moss610467.676160
RB Jose Dussault35196.3315120
WR Courtney Tansini252713.500180
TE Richard Castillo232412.0015150
WR Herb Hughes232010.000130
RB Clyde Newhart2263.00150
WR Cornelius Basham112323.0019231
TE Gabriel McConnell0100.00000
WR Pedro Winters101315015.0037321
WR Kirk Houston679716.1726260
TE Corbin Chaplin58418.2018151
TE C.J. Lowe335919.678300
RB Cary Wedebrand23157.50080
WR Ezra Newton24189.000110
RB Harry Myers0200.00000
WR Levon Shepard0100.00000
WR Terry Ellison0100.00000

Interception Statistics

West VirginiaIntsYardsAvgTD
CB Chris Anderson11313.000
S Dixon Mulder144.000
CB Lawrence Woodford15959.001

Fumble Statistics

West VirginiaFumbRecovForceTD
Harvey Oliver0100
Dominique Sims0100
Andre Wallenbrock0100
Ralph Raisor0010
Juan Hawkins0010
Marvin Walters0010
Kirk Houston2000
Glen Buss1000

Punting Statistics

West VirginiaPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Landon Wayman730243.141.9543
Leo Burroughs629148.546.7552

Kicking Statistics

West VirginiaFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Cole Coombs2/20/00/0302/2
Jesse Richard1/10/00/0224/4

Punt Return Statistics

West VirginiaRetYardsAvgTD
Herb Hughes2115.50
Kirk Houston294.50

Kick Return Statistics

West VirginiaRetYardsAvgTD
Herb Hughes35819.30
Levon Shepard25427.00

Defensive Statistics

West VirginiaTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
S Ralph Raisor840.02145
S Ernest Reagles710.01943
DE Marvin Walters602.01839
ILB Irv Foreman630.02039
OLB Grady Peters421.02245
CB Garrett Tully400.01838
CB Chris Anderson300.01637
OLB Juan Hawkins210.01126
DT Luis Ward210.01944
CB Morris Carlisle210.01430
ILB Randal Orazi200.01018
DE Burt Hoover110.01531
CB Dominique Sims100.0713
WR Ricky Moss10---------
DT Malachi Ward100.010
DE Harvey Oliver020.0815
ILB Shaquille Heavener1370.03043
S Ralph Kerr1020.03249
OLB Emmanuel Marlin730.03242
S Dixon Mulder630.03149
CB Dwayne Scott610.01923
CB Marshall Diaz510.02842
DT Hugh Gould300.53036
DT D.J. Collins330.02939
DT Tucker Travis210.0312
DE Mel Gibson200.02634
WR Pedro Winters10---------
OLB Bradley Terry100.01522
CB Doug Goodwin100.049
DT Reggie Scott100.0211
DE Daniel Lynch030.51934

Pass Rush Statistics

West VirginiaSackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
DE Marvin Walters2.010139
OLB Grady Peters1.002045
DE Nolan Hansen0.00105
DT Luis Ward0.001044
DE Daniel Lynch0.501134
DT Hugh Gould0.500036
DE Mel Gibson0.012134
DE Tre Armstrong0.001016
DT Tucker Travis0.001012

Pass Defense Statistics

West VirginiaCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
S Ralph Raisor71045
S Ernest Reagles60043
ILB Irv Foreman31039
CB Garrett Tully30038
CB Chris Anderson21137
OLB Grady Peters21045
CB Morris Carlisle20030
OLB Juan Hawkins10026
CB Dominique Sims10013
DT Luis Ward10044
OLB Emmanuel Marlin73042
ILB Shaquille Heavener51043
CB Marshall Diaz40042
CB Dwayne Scott40023
S Ralph Kerr30049
S Dixon Mulder20149
DT D.J. Collins10039
OLB Bradley Terry10022
CB Doug Goodwin1009
DT Reggie Scott10011
DT Tucker Travis10012
CB Lawrence Woodford01145
S Lamont McDaniel01013

Blocking Statistics

West VirginiaKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
Cornelius Meynardie27032049
Andre Wallenbrock26032049
Nate Givens25032049
Lukas Chalmers25032049
Donte Hutton11028040
Kendrick Malewitz110706
Bryan Munger01032149
Richard Castillo01011022
Tre Burdick28022045
Ty Nord15022045
Casey Burks1109018
Malcolm Wadley02022045
Donald Price01022245
C.J. Lowe0105015
Cameron McConnell01022045
Cary Wedebrand00015124

Special Teams Tackles

West VirginiaTacklesSTPlays
Juan Hawkins125
Herb Hughes118
Clyde Newhart114
Luis Ward114
Lorenzo Shockley325
DeAndre Gray127
Shannon Murray119


West VirginiaRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Courtney Tansini3044------2094
Nate Givens3249------990
Andre Wallenbrock3249------990
Bryan Munger3249------990
Lukas Chalmers3249------990
Cornelius Meynardie3249---------81
Quentin Churchill3249---------81
Luis Ward------19441477
Donte Hutton2840------169
Grady Peters------2245168
Ralph Raisor------2145167
Ricky Moss2740---------67
Ernest Reagles------1943163
Juan Hawkins------11262562
Irv Foreman------2039160
Herb Hughes1724------1859
Marvin Walters------1839---57
Garrett Tully------1838157
Morris Carlisle------14301256
Chris Anderson------1637255
Jose Dussault1929---------48
Burt Hoover------1531147
Clyde Newhart1316------1443
Richard Castillo1122------740
Kendrick Malewitz76------2538
Thurman Horton------1119838
Dominique Sims------7131737
Gabriel McConnell15------2733
Britt McPike------561829
Randal Orazi------1018129
Harvey Oliver------815124
Cornelius Basham717---------24
Nolan Hansen------35614
Sims Schwartz------111214
Mike Liakos------31610
Nicolas Dillon00------99
Landon Wayman00------99
Cole Coombs00------88
Dusty Fields00------66
Devonte Garner02---------2
Malachi Ward------10---1
Jamie McClary00---------0
Henry Wallace00---------0
Neal Russell00---------0
Don Renner------00---0
Dominique Finkelstein------00---0
TulsaRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
Ralph Kerr------3249283
Dixon Mulder------3149282
Corbin Chaplin1739------2682
Daniel Lynch------19342780
Emmanuel Marlin------3242276
Lawrence Woodford------2845275
Malcolm Wadley2245------774
Shaquille Heavener------3043---73
Marshall Diaz------2842---70
D.J. Collins------2939169
Tre Burdick2245---------67
Ty Nord2245---------67
Glen Buss2245---------67
Donald Price2245---------67
Cameron McConnell2245---------67
Hugh Gould------3036---66
Pedro Winters2243---------65
Mel Gibson------2634---60
Kirk Houston1327------2060
Ezra Newton1731---------48
Casey Burks918------2047
Dwayne Scott------1923---42
Cary Wedebrand1524---------39
Bradley Terry------1522---37
DeAndre Gray------262735
Doug Goodwin------492134
Julio Branch34------2633
Tre Armstrong------1416---30
Shannon Mathews------514928
Reggie Scott------2111427
C.J. Lowe515------626
Harry Myers718---------25
Lorenzo Shockley------002525
Tucker Travis------312924
Shannon Murray00------1919
Lamont McDaniel------213217
Braden Wolfe00------77
Timothy Mason00------77
Leo Burroughs00------77
Levon Shepard01------67
Jesse Richard00------77
Terry Ellison25---------7
Deion Woodworth00------77
Donnie Raley------10---1
Donte Fried00---------0
Ruben Bouie00---------0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

West VirginiaAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Quentin Churchill48301226522
Glen Buss42286044411

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)23151235.3
Medium (9-18 Yds)74557.9
Long (19+ Yds)61183.0
Short (0-8 Yds)15111167.7
Medium (9-18 Yds)21131748.3
Long (19+ Yds)537715.4

Detailed Receiving Statistics

West VirginiaTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
TE Donte Hutton1812091040
WR Ricky Moss106046040
RB Jose Dussault53119029
WR Courtney Tansini52127044
TE Richard Castillo32024022
WR Herb Hughes32020024
RB Clyde Newhart2206016
WR Cornelius Basham11023117
TE Gabriel McConnell100005
WR Pedro Winters13100150343
TE Corbin Chaplin85141039
WR Kirk Houston76097227
WR Ezra Newton42118031
RB Cary Wedebrand32115024
TE C.J. Lowe33059115
RB Harry Myers2010018
WR Levon Shepard100001
WR Terry Ellison100005

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

West VirginiaAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
Quentin Churchill310.334.50
Jose Dussault252.503.00
Ricky Moss155.003.00
Clyde Newhart122.006.40
TulsaAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
Cary Wedebrand471.752.07

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

West VirginiaAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Quentin Churchill85324.005.33
TulsaAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Glen Buss86708.759.05

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

West VirginiaTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
TE Donte Hutton32103.335.06
RB Jose Dussault3272.333.80
TE Richard Castillo111515.008.00
WR Ricky Moss1000.004.60
TulsaTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Pedro Winters223216.0011.54
RB Cary Wedebrand1177.005.00
RB Harry Myers1000.000.00
TE C.J. Lowe111717.0019.67
WR Ezra Newton1000.004.50
TE Corbin Chaplin1111.005.13
WR Kirk Houston111313.0013.86

Third Down Rushing Statistics

West VirginiaRushesConversions
Quentin Churchill21
Jose Dussault11
Clyde Newhart11
Glen Buss21
Harry Myers21

Third Down Passing Statistics

West VirginiaAttCompConversions
Quentin Churchill1053
Glen Buss522

Third Down Receiving Statistics

West VirginiaTargCatchConversions
TE Donte Hutton421
WR Courtney Tansini211
WR Ricky Moss210
TE Gabriel McConnell100
TE Richard Castillo111
WR Kirk Houston211
WR Pedro Winters111
RB Harry Myers100
WR Terry Ellison100

Stadium72,900 (73,300 capacity)
Upper Deck21,400 (21,400)
End Zone15,000 (15,400)
Mezzanine8,900 (8,900)
Sideline Seats13,600 (13,600)
Club Seats10,100 (10,100)
Luxury Boxes3,900 (3,900)