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  • League Constitution


    1. Schedule & Uploading

    1a. Schedule:
    The Schedule for both the current regular and off-season will be stickied in General. If you have any questions at all about when a sim is or where we are, check that thread.

    1b. Sim Times:
    Unless otherwise stated, all sims will be run at 4pm ET on Wednesday (weekdays) and 11am ET on Sunday (weekends).

    1c. Upload Tracker:
    The Upload Tracker can be found here, IFLuploader.htm

    1d. League HTML:
    League HTML can be found here,

    2. League Contract Rules

    2a. We are going to try letting FOF8 handle contract rules.

    2b. Franchise Tag & Summer League Announcing:
    Every year we have a thread where people post their intentions to Franchise & Summer League someone, this is fine. I will not however be going thru each team to see if they included this in their export or in fact, made an export. It is up to you, the owner to make an export and have the correct stage file and get this done.

    2c. Injury Setting:
    The league will use a 50 setting.

    3. Trade Rules

    3a. Regular Season Trade Deadline:
    The Regular Season trade deadline is week 8.

    3b. Off-season & Preseason Trade Deadline:
    I will process trades made up until 11:59pm ET before opening day. Any trade made after that will have to wait until after week 1.

    3c. Draft Pick Trading:
    Only picks in the in-game 3 year window are available to be traded. There will be no "future" picks allowed as part of a trade.

    3d. Trade Fairness:
    It will never be my intention to control or enforce how an owner runs his team, however all trades will be scrutinized by the admin team. Such deals would include backended lopsided deals that are pure attempts to subvert rule 3c.

    4. Miscellaneous League Rules

    4a. 60 Man Cut Down Day & 53 Man Cut Down Days:
    You are not allowed to be over 70 rostered players going into training camp. 60 rostered players at the time of Preseason week 1, or 53 rostered players on cut day. I will check everyone's roster on each of these days and if you have an illegal roster I will sort by future ratings and start cutting from the lowest up until your roster is legal. I will only make exceptions for guys that would leave you short at a position (ie. Long Snapper).

    4b. Catch All Anti-Douchebag Rule:
    This is a catch all rule involving tanking, being a dick on the board, etc. Thankfully we've only had 1 or 2 instances guys trying to subvert fairness in the past and they were dealt with swiftly. I have no desire to make up a ton of rules regarding fairness and dickery. If you're trying to subvert fair play or being an asshat I will deal with you.

    5. Amateur Draft Rules

    5a. Draft Times:
    Round 1: 3 Hours
    Round 2: 2 Hours
    Round 3: 90 Minutes
    Round 4: 1 Hour
    Round 5: 1 Hour
    Round 6: 30 Minutes
    Round 7: 30 Minutes

    5b. Draft Accuracy:
    Combine accuracy is set to 69.

    5c. Draft Penalties:
    If you miss a pick in the draft your time for all future picks will be reduced by 50%. If your time expires your pick will be made by the utility, there will no longer be mod picking. The Draft Utility allows you to make a queue as big as a you want, USE IT!
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    Although this is covered by 4b, I feel a need to spell out this new clarification that many leagues are implementing:

    "We have an understanding that there is an advantage to using a 3-4 defense with a 4-3 coordinator we are asking GMs to refrain from doing so from this point forward. I am not going to scour and monitor the logs after each game, but if a GM brings it to our attention and it is confirmed that the exploit was used that there will be some type of penalty at the discretion of the Commissioner. This could range from a warning, loss of a draft pick, or even expulsion depending on the severity of the infraction.

    Part of a thriving league is playing for gamesmanship and in a sporting manner and we believe using this bug/exploit violates the integrity of the league. We are expecting our GMs to hold themselves to a higher level. Therefore, we will entrust you all to do the right thing. If you discover that a 3-4 defense is being used with a 4-3 coordinator please bring it to my attention."
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